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Social Networking Services

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is social networking?
  • How much money should you invest?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Social Networking Services & Platforms
  • Important Terminology
  • How to protect yourself

Investing into social networking has become an extremely important facet of obtaining business success throughout the globe. Fortunately, Hackforums has become a place of variety in regards to the extensive options for members to invest into. The aspect of social networking can refer to botted engagement and activity OR entirely real followers and networking for the account. Throughout this thread, I will be explaining, in-depth, the route of investment that each particular person should take.

The investment amount itself is not important; however, if you do not have a lot to spend, you'll likely be spending your money on botted followers or botted statistics. Depending on the amount of money that you're looking to invest, I would personally recommend, if your conclusive goal is growing an account and gaining more social engagements and interactions, to invest into shoutouts or promotions from large stat accounts. Nonetheless, let's delve into the thread.
What is social networking?

Social networking is a method of essentially gaining traction throughout particular social media platforms. Some offerings can be a promotion-style such as shoutouts from real accounts with a significant amount of followers. Other services, on the other hand, solely offer the user with “Real looking” or “HQ” followers and likes for their posts. The genuinely real promotions will come at a much steeper price; however, you can find some pretty solid deals on each platform that you aim to get growth from.
How much money should you invest?

Each investment will likely be a case-to-case basis dependent on the amount of growth that the person wants. Personally, I have gone to the extent of purchasing promotions from a pretty large Instagram account rather than buying it through a forum. The rates for each service tend to differ quite a bit; I would NOT recommend simply buying shoutouts from accounts as they tend to be the most expensive route in garnering some attention to your account. Instead, you should try to find someone offering a service where, for every 1k followers they get your account, you pay a specific fee. The investment amount depends on how big the person wants their account AND the purpose behind it. If it is a personal account and you just want to brag to your friends, you’ll likely invest quite a bit less than a business needing advertisements.
What is the purpose?

The purpose of these services depends somewhat on the social media platform that the person purchases. Instagram, for example, can be solely for the looks of having a bigger account, or it can be to garner more followers and likes from real accounts. The overarching theme, though, is to build a presence on these social platforms whilst offering the ability to promote your own links or sources as well. Quite a bit of the promotions that go on tend to have the conclusive goal of promoting their e-commerce store; if they follow the right steps and go through the right sources, they can end up profiting quite a bit.

Social Networking Services and Platforms:


  • Twitter - The services on Twitter are the following: Followers, Likes, Retweets, and Tweetdeck access. Followers, likes, and retweets all tend to be botted or “HQ” activity while access to a Tweetdeck has the purpose of spreading your account or tweet through multiple other stat accounts in order to gain followers and activity from them as well.
  • Instagram - Services on IG tend to be followers (both real and botted), likes, shoutouts, and promotions. Followers and likes can be real or botted, it depends quite a bit on the terminology of the post. Shoutouts and promotions, on the other hand, offer real activity and growth from a large stat account. Shoutouts are priced on a payment per hour basis while promotions tend to run on a payment per specific amount of followers gained. For the best deal, look for a large account selling follower promotions.
  • Youtube - The social networking aspect relating to Youtube tends to be completely botted. I have yet to see a service offered (for YouTube accounts) that is anything like promotions or shoutouts from an actual channel with true activity.
  • Facebook - Facebook, one of the less implemented social media platforms for the age group on HF, consists of page likes and status or comment likes. These are all “HQ” activity which is essentially botted with higher quality accounts in order to look as if the engagement and interactions are real.
Important Terminology:

When you are purchasing anything within the social networking services section, it is important to understand the terminology that the sellers use in order to make their thread more intriguing. The following tends to be included in threads; although, I will be giving you different methods in order to assist the reader in comprehending what exactly they should expect from the services purchased.
  • Real/Active Followers - This hasn’t been a very used term throughout the section as of lately. Realistically, you will see the words “real” or “active” followers in a shoutout thread or someone offering promotions. Please note, some members use the term “real” followers when they are NOT actually real; instead, they are simply real looking bots.
  • Botted/Inactive - Being one of the more offered services on the forum, this service will be substantially cheaper than true activity and will not actually change much on the account. It’ll artificially inflate the followers or likes that you buy; however, you will not gain any activity on any of the posts you make.
  • Shoutouts - This service tends to be more on the expensive end for social networking. Shoutouts grant the most activity and REAL engagement for the account; thus, it will cost a hefty amount more than any of the services offering botted followers.
  • Promotions - Promotions are pretty similar to shoutouts; the difference lies in the fact that shoutouts focus on a time length while promotions depend on the amount of followers that your account gains from the stat account.


How to protect yourself:

Protecting yourself from using the wrong service is extremely important. Please use the following steps in order to save yourself both time and money.
  • Terminology - Make sure to read the thread carefully. It is important that you realize that the “real followers” are actually botted followers that look real and have some activity.
  • Vouches - While you shouldn't solely operate on the reputation or vouches of the member, you should always read reviews before you start purchasing from a seller.
  • Know what you want - It is important to understand what exactly you want prior to purchasing from these threads. This will weed out the wrong services and the wrong sellers.
  • Research, research, research - Please, please, please look into the members that host these threads. If they have concerning threads opened about them such as a scam report, tread the water lightly.